10 things that might be killing your abilities as a Student.

10 things that might be killing your abilities as a Student.

10 things that you know you are doing as a student and you need to stop doing in school.

10 things you know as a student that if you would just give up, you will be on your way to get that A or B or better still peace of mind.

10 things I know you know but I am going to repeat in the below paragraphs for the sake of certainty.

  1. Stop procrastinating.

This is the ultimate mark of being a student, the strong urge to always procrastinate that study that needs to be done or assignment that needs to be finished and regretting it later – Test and Examination period.

Life would be so much easier if we all just give it up and do what needs to be done NOW.

At the right time.

It is hard but it is totally worth it and you know it.

  1. Stop doing “Waka-Waka” Up and down.

We know this people, the ones that cannot sit down somewhere, you will find them at every birthday party, every bash, every “Turn-up”.

Erhmmm… your absence in one of these things wouldn’t cause the apocalypse. These things are time-consuming in a way that would not help your life.

 Please “sid-down” at home one day and do something productive, something different.

You don’t have to attend everyone.

  1. Stop looking for girlfriend or boyfriend “Upandan”.

Loool…the mark of being young. Only that it can be distracting, disturbing and confusing.

You will see people struggling to buy something expensive for their girlfriend or boyfriend with money they do not have and having serious headache over it.

Bikonu… use your “chin-chin” money to care of yourself or start a side-business for now.

When you start earning and have enough of that “ego”. You know what to do! *winks*

  1. Stop trying to join the status – quo

This is so tiring. Trying to be like one of them. Trying to be a big boy or big girl or to fit in.

The biggest advice you will ever get in regards to this is that “You should just be yourself”

Honestly… you are already big enough for the world, stop subjecting yourself to what “school life” considers to be the right way of living.

You don’t need to be popular or a big boy to be feel important.

  1. Stop comparing scores.

Honestly, you probably shouldn’t be doing this.

Stop basing or judging your capability on what the highest score in class was or what the smartest person in class got.

Even if the smartest person in class got 4/10, it doesn’t make your 2/10 okay.

Do your best and let your best be enough.

  1. Stop mistaking productivity for PRODUCTIVITY.


So you decide to study but your study area is seriously messy.

You decide to tidy it up first, you do that and decide to use the God-given chance to quickly tidy up your wardrobe too, next you need to sharpen the pencils, get new pens, sweep your surroundings, lay your bed, wash your bedsheets etc.

When you are done, you feel like you have accomplished enough and so much for that day, except what you originally set out to do of course – TO STUDY.

Now you’re really worried and wondering how you are going to pass that test tomorrow.

Let us get this Right! Together.

Productivity is different from PRODUCTIVITY.

Get your head right into the game!

  1. Stop being LAZY.

School is actually a test of strength and will.

You should start to groom yours, make it a personal duty.

Don’t be lazy about the things you know you have to do. Read, go for your classes, don’t miss rehearsals, don’t miss your coaching classes etc.

 Keep an unbreakable schedule. And just do it don’t break it.

  1. Stop making Noise.

Yes, the whole cliché “stop making noise” statement you probably hear every day from almost everybody.

You have got to stop making noise.

I can remember my secondary school days and how I was in a class filled with guys that could and would argue for hours about any and the most ridiculous of things.

One time they argued for over 2 hours about which brand of toothpaste between “close-up” and “Maclean” was better.

They argue for hours over best rappers, best books, who the smartest man alive was, football, best brand of wristwatch etc.

This conversations would drag on for hours with so much noise, that we would eventually be punished.

Stop making “unreasonable noise” people.

Nothing is being added to you except for long hours of “frog-jump” as a punishment.

And empty barrels do make the loudest noise. Get something to do.

  1. Stop making excuses and complaining.

If you don’t learn to stop this attitude now and make lemons out of your given lemonades or make Eba out of your Garri.

If you don’t learn to make the best out of difficult situations, it is going to be hard to do that in future – later on – which is actually really what life is all about.

Turning difficult situations around.

Find a way around those difficulties and make them work for you.

  1. Stop thinking school is all about “books, reading and study”

Let reality hit you right in the face now, school isn’t only about books, books, books and books.

School isn’t only about, first position in class, first position, first position and first position.

School isn’t only about, scores in tests, scores, scores, scores and scores.

This was my downfall people. Don’t let it be yours.

School is more than this.

It is also where you learn important life skills – communication, leadership, team work, speaking, enterprise etc.

It is where you meet people and create connections.

Where you form and build character.

Join a club, attend more seminars, interact more, move outside your comfort zone, learn something different – a musical instrument, debating, etc. because believe me, this is in part what life is about.


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Author: Tolu

25 thoughts on “10 things that might be killing your abilities as a Student.

  1. What about some people that know that even if they get 5 point till they graduate They still won’t be able to graduate with a First Class because that first class thing is the point of school for many people

    1. Okay now…Great!
      I think the first issue refers back to number 10…every student and PARENT need to realize that schooling goes way beyond 5.0 and A’s.
      Character and skill should first be developed which will also go a long way in helping you achieve the results you desire in the first instance.
      if you are a really disciplined person, you will be disciplined in your studies and you will get a good result.
      if you aren’t…What will happen will happen.
      A lot of people aren’t disciplined but still want 5.0 GPAs and As…it ain’t gonna work.
      Schooling builds character: Teaches you discipline and other important skills you can apply to get what you want out of life.

    1. Haha… those times when a chaplain says “shout a big Amen for an A in your next paper”… and the shout is Unbelievably loud ehn.
      AHHHHH…*I laugh in Buhari*

  2. I believe school is a good time to figure out what you really want to do in life because you don’t have the baggage of responsibilities and you still receive income from Daddy’s wallet. So students should not play safe but be courageous to experiment.

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