This is why religion needs to be eradicated in Nigeria.

This is why religion needs to be eradicated in Nigeria.

Why religion needs to be banned from Nigeria – A Falz’s Tale.

Lately, I have been having strong opinions that religion might just be a very serious challenge in Nigeria after all.

Now before anybody comes to chop my head off on top religion, hear me out first!

Where should I even start from?

Okay let me start from the most obvious and controversial.

So Falz made a video titled “This is Nigeria” and in my most “opinionistic-opinion” that video was TRUE ART. It was PURE MAGIC. That video was everything I longed to see since Nigerian musicians started coming to life and it didn’t disappoint.

I haven’t listened to or watched Nigerian music videos in forever, especially those of male artists.


Well, because I am not a very big fan of turning on the TV to listen to music or watch a music video and the next thing I see are girls shaking their “bum bum” like no oo the world isn’t coming to an end, or the ozone layer isn’t getting destroyed.

I can’t fathom seeing girls shaking their backsides so vigorously when at the back of my mind I am thinking that Nigeria still needs good healthcare services, good roads and constant power supply.

Maybe these things are only an engineer’s worries or maybe I can’t understand why they are shaking their “yansh” anyhow when my pastor always preach every Sunday that rapture is coming soon.

Then I decide to watch a female artist video and the next thing, my brain has to understand is why Simi chose to fall down intentionally just so a shirtless guy will carry her home. My mind goes “Gurl…people are falling down from “danfo” for real everyday o”

I think an engineer’s eyes is prone to see challenges and not to watch Nigerian music videos filled with yanshes, tear-tear clothes and only guys with abs (they will just be making someone question the validity of their boyfriends…relationships).

Anyway, back to my point…

When I saw Falz – this is Nigeria video, I laughed so hard, I reasoned so well, I cried only small, I…

See! It was PURE ART and one of the best things I have seen this year. Best music video ever!

Not because there was no “bum bum” but because we could all relate to everything that was happening and somehow he made us find a reason to laugh even while watching and see our suffering play out right before our eyes. I slept peacefully that night because I knew I was going to make heaven, if rapture occurs. (Thou seest no evil bum bum in it)

Next thing I knew though.

I woke up oo and some people were already saying crap and using religion to degrade Nigeria’s truest definition of a Music Video.

Saying that why did Falz have to bring in girls dancing with hijab, that it is rude and rubbish?

Someone else took time to explain that he was trying to depict the situation of the “Chibok” and “Dapchi” girls and request for a “call to action” but they did not want to listen… so someone else fired back the Nigerian way saying “when he showed cele people and mentioned pastors, you did no hear that one abi”

Falz, This is Nigeria and Religion

But while the whole twitter saga was going on, one particular tweet stayed right with me, right by my side.

Tweeted this way… when childish Gambino released his “This is America” video… Americans were quick to figure out the message, relate with it and understand it. Both blacks and whites. And his own version wasn’t even funny. Just dope.

But Falz releases dope and funny – filled with meaningful message and all we want to do is to focus on hijab and religion, like we no get other things to worry about.

It wasn’t like he was trying to mock Muslims or the hijab, NO! On the contrary, he was trying to tell the stories of the “Chibok and Dapchi” girls in the way a musician – an artist knows how to, and if he was mocking anybody with that – Hell! It is the Federal Government.

Is religion blinding us to the obvious in this country? Or maybe we are not following and using religion the right way, because in my mind when I think of religion I think of love, sacrifice, hard work, service to others, community etc.

But when I think of religion in this country, I think of this quota answer “Has religion failed Nigeria” (which is a must read) and how some people are sitting at home waiting for Job for the sake of religion, some people are not associating with one another on top religion matter, some people would not have Muslim or Christian friends on top religion, some people are waiting for miracle husband on top religion and some crazy ones who call themselves terrorists are even killing on top religion matter too o

(Abeg, make dey no come my side o, I get the holy ghost beside me… I dey carry religious matter for my head too nau #naijaforever)

If you look at the facts and figures closely to be honest, you will see that people’s interpretation of what religion is to them does more harm than good to us.

They are interpreting religion to how it fits their needs, thoughts and desires.

A Jobless and indolent person will think of religion as miracle job and a terrorist will think of religion as the defense of it, guns and bullets. Harm.

Image result for terrorist picture HD funny
Found this shirt online. Lovely.

If you look at the data closely, you will notice that people are lackadaisical towards the pursuits of their goals and askew in their thinking when blinded by what they think religion is.

I am by no means condemning religion but I am by all means condemning some people’s definition of it.

Look at the bigger picture and you will see that religion is not about defending the hijab, it isn’t even about fighting for it dear boko haram (WO! Again I say, the Holy Ghost is beside me, no come my side o).

Religion is more of that thing that gives us hope and faith of a better tomorrow and what should connect us all together. Religion is the very definition of that thing we all, as humans crave for – something bigger and greater than ourselves.

The truth is that religion doesn’t even exist to make things easier for us, no it is rather that thing that strengthens us and adds meaning to the hard work and goal we are striving towards, it gives meaning to the things we do. Whatever it may be. Financial, Entrepreneurial etc.

So if you become religious then sit at home waiting for miracle job and thinking that suddenly life would get easier. You will suffer no be small.

Dear Nigerians, be focused, stop being gullible, stop defending your own kind of religion especially when you know within yourself that it is a silly definition of it.

Stop disturbing our dear Falz too abeg.

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