Here are 6 important things to know about depression

Here are 6 important things to know about depression

I utterly utterly hate depression.

Damn! It is so terrible!

It is sickens the mind and hence sickens the body, sickens our abilities, our desires, our dreams and hence our freedom.

I know what depression is because I have witnessed it firsthand, Hell! Who knows, I might still be experiencing it. Sometimes I think I am but instead, choose to see the positive and let me say to you, it ain’t easy doing that and sometimes I don’t succeed, the negatives takes over my thoughts…

But then, I choose to believe in another chance to see the positive once again, especially when I get to that tough place when I have to choose once more.

Depression is Terrible!

My God! Depression is terrible!

I believe it should be fought against as hard as possible, with all our breath, with every formidable weapon we know of, with all our strength, all our being, with all of us.

There was a time that I thought if my life was better, if I was doing something that mattered to the world, something important to humanity, if I had wealth or power or meaning or Success… maybe I wouldn’t be depressed, but to hell with that, I have grown to realize that depression can come for anybody, anybody… anybody and somebody. It can creep up on any one of us…

Doctors helping humanity, Entrepreneurs with great wealth, singers with success and yeah! even pastors.

I think Kate Spade and Avicii suicides are testaments to that, this can happen people, no matter what situation you are in, poor, rich, happy, successful, protected, strong… it can happen.

Depression is dark and we have to protect ourselves from it.

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It is a Cycle.

OH, there comes doubts.

Depression doesn’t just come all at once, it comes steadily and slowly, starting out with doubts that makes you lose sight of who you are – you lose a prize, job or business deal you have wanted and worked so hard for and suddenly the thought of doubt begins to sets in and you begin to wonder, wonder, wonder – that maybe you aren’t all you thought you were after all, that you aren’t good enough, smart enough, beautiful enough, strong enough – you feel that ache of temptation to nurse that line of thought.

To nurse those doubts. DON’T.


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A world of “if only…”

You see someone do something better than you and you begin to think – maybe, oh I wish my life was like hers, she is… and he is – you begin to see Comparison. RUN

Don’t compare what you have to what other people have.

comparison and depression
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You not having what she has adds to your story.

Not comparing, helps you filter out the noise in your head and helps you figure out and recognize your own voice. And the great great power in it.

Comparison sets the pace for depression. And you know what to do about it.

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Maybe the sooner the better is true after all

Don’t give it a chance, don’t give it a chance to spring up its lies on you and leave you in that dark, hollow, quiet, sad place you know you don’t want to be. If you have to do something now, don’t procrastinate it for weeks, do it now.

Don’t give depression a chance to spring up lies that you aren’t capable of doing what you are meant to do or that you are a failure, whenever you procrastinate reading for an upcoming test and you don’t do very well in it at its end.

Because hell yeah! You know the truth, if you had read for that test weeks earlier you would have done HELLA WELL. Don’t be convinced of its lies. Know your truth and protect it.

I wanna fly and go somewhere in the sky

Don’t stay comfortable, fly outta Compton, fly outta your comfort zone, do something new every time, try saying yes more often, like Shonda Rhimes in her book “A year of Yes” or the famous and authentic YouTube group “Yes Theory” say yes.

Yes! You will be scared but it would be worth it and you will always have it in mind that courage isn’t the absence of fear, but rather doing what you have got to do while afraid.

Don’t stay too comfortable, attend conferences, reach out to more people, do whatever makes you feel afraid, take new chances every day, because nothing is really stopping you. Nothing is. Remember that.

Oh Holy of the Holies.

And yes dear, if you do believe, if you do truly believe. PRAY.

comparison,depression, suicide and prayer

I wanna love the little child in me.

Don’t be hard on yourself AT ALL. Remember that there is a little girl and a little boy filled with so much innocence, trying to learn how this world works inside of you. You might be all grown up but there would always remain this part of yourself that you will have to learn to protect.

Protect that little boy.

Protect that little girl.

protect yourself from depression
Protect and care for yourself

Be your own critic but not your worst critic, forgive, forgive, and forgive yourself. Remind yourself that you are worthy because you completely and utterly are.

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You deserve to live.

You deserve to be successful.

The world deserves to have you in it. The world has a right to know you. It might be on a large stage but hell yeah! A small stage works as well too, your awesome present or future neighbor or future business partners or kids deserves to know you.

We deserve to know the real you. So give yourself a chance. Give yourself something to fight for. See the beauty in a world without none and focus on that light in your darkness. You haven’t experienced life enough just yet and there is so much left for you to see, so many mountains, valleys, beautiful cultures, places to be known.

So…what do I do now? You begin to wonder, where do I start you wonder? Well how about here, giving yourself a reason to breathe again, giving yourself life.

Give yourself life.


P.S: You might have noticed there is more of a personal tone and touch to this, it is because I wrote it for myself, I didn’t even realized that till I was halfway through and felt a desire to explain things more and better, to explain things to myself.

I wrote it to let myself remember what I know how to do and should do, to remember to fight, to remember to protect, to experience life to the fullness it has to offer, to love, to breathe again…

To choose life. To give myself life.

I hate depression because I am a victim conqueror of it.  

Maybe our worst enemies are truly the things we suffer from after all, maybe, just maybe, but if that may so have an iota of truth, then we should rejoice that our sufferings doesn’t define who we are.

I have decided share this, because somehow a part of me hopes it would be worth something… to someone, just one person that desperately needs something more than motivation or Inspiration, someone that needs the truth.

I loved Kate spade without even meeting her, we loved Avicii, his songs, without meeting him and so many others that have come and gone before them. I am reading a Ted Dekker book presently titled “Hacker” that made mention of this that “most people die twice: first when they give up on life, and finally when death comes to take what’s his.”

Most people die twice: first when they give up on life, and finally when death comes to take what’s his. #giveyourselflife Click To Tweet

I believe the first of these deaths is worst. The former of the two is worst.

Give yourself life.

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RIP Kate Spade, Avicii, to the ones who thought they had no strength left… Oh the heavens knew then and there that they had all of the strength in the world. Love


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