5 You-knows that messes with your success.

5 things that messes with our success


  1. FEAR

The fear of the unknown, the fear of failure, the fear of the risks involved, the fear of how such risks would affect our lives, how such decisions would affect our lives.

Fear is a crazy sucker of our success and our growth in this life.

It is what I long to run away from. What you should run away from.



It becomes hard for us sometimes to believe that we can have all we can imagine and even far more than we can imagine.

Our growth and success becomes stunted by our unbelief and our inability to dream and imagine what life could be if we embrace it. We become filled with unbelief.

But if you can see it, you can have it…. Once you do what you have to do.



We dream big and wide but never do, because let us be honest it is easier to imagine than to act.

But if we would rather take action, do all we can do and trust that the things we can’t do will eventually work out. Maybe we wouldn’t have to imagine success, we would be living success.



A very low level of confidence in ourselves and what we can do. A very low level of confidence in the knowledge of all we are capable of doing.

All we can achieve.

All we can attain.

All we can do.

We have a low level of confidence in the strong power and fire that is right inside of us.



We never intend to but somehow we find ourselves comparing our lives, the things we do and our successes with other people’s own and we are most always left dissatisfied.

We begin to lose interest in the growth of our own lives and success because we try to make it look like someone else’s.

Eventually, things don’t go our way, because it was never our way in the first place. It was somebody else’s.


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