Different Types Of Nigerians during a New Year

Having to experience a New Year is one of the best experiences for a lot of different reasons. For some, a new year signifies an opportunity to have a do-over with their life, for others it is an opportunity to start reaching out to 2018 debtors…

For this blog however, the New Year signifies an opportunity to throw shades and form categories of Nigerians again. Here are the categories of Nigerians experiencing a new year;


  1. The ones that make another “Failed” New Year resolution.

2018 has come and passed, nothing happened but another New Year resolution will not pass me by.


  1. The ones that give predictions for 2019.


  1. The ones that just want to insult Buhari afresh!

When you remember that guy is still president and Pure Water never went back to one for 5 Naira!


  1. The scared ones


  1. The money collectors from the 2018 debtors.


  1. The extra sensitive ones

They will keep saying “first Amala in 2019”  “first Ankara in 2019”  “first keke napep ride in 2019”  “first …” Abeg, can we just hear word!


  1. The 2019 is my Year ones.

May it be for us all o!

Comment below on what category you know in your heart of heart that you fall under and do not forget to share!

Happy New Year and Welcome to the Blog!

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Author: Tolu

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