Why all teachers need be Stand-up comedians!

lecturers should be funny

I have realized, that Nigerians love comedy.

Amidst our dire situations and circumstances we have always found a way to incorporate humor into our lives, I guess that is why it is no surprise virtually all of the top comedians are swimming in money! AY I dey eye your mansion.

Nigerians would pay that ridiculous VIP ticket so far as they get to listen to someone say crap that somehow makes them laugh for an entire hour.

Everywhere there is a gathering of Nigerians, there is sure to be a comedian, take social media for instance and you would see why comedy is the best and one of the easiest ways to rise quickly on the platform while attaining a significant number of followers.

Once upon a time, all someone had to do on Instagram was to use Snapchat filter to create hilarious videos and suddenly people started following him and he started making serious owo!

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People would queue for hours and stand outside for hours to get into a comedy show, people would watch Mark Angel’s comedy Videos for an entire day and not get tired!

See ehn! All Nigerians like to run away from problems, everyone likes a good laugh and this is something teachers can and SHOULD learn from! I freaking sat down for a two hours class today and it was like TIME VEXED FOR ME AND STOOD STILL.


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                               Patiently counting the seconds…

Seee! All teachers need to be stand-up comedians, because this is really the only way to capture people’s attention these days, nobody wants to worry about money for lunch and still come to class and wonder if they would survive it. I didn’t say I did o, but abeg help make the blog go viral, I need to chop.

People want to live like they have no worries at all.

So this is my polite request to Nigerian Teachers and Lecturers; to freaking learn the Art of comedy!




I believe that teachers would have higher grades in their classes if they could simply learn how to capture the attention of their students via comedy and I am pretty sure that those that have gone through hours of boring lectures would agree with me right now.

The only classes or lectures students really remember are the ones where the teachers makes an effort to crack jokes which usually ends poorly but at least we get to laugh at how poor the joke was. Haha, Hehe… There is always room for improvement sha, so do not give up just yet.

Few days back, I decided to attend a “not-compulsory” three hours lecture simply because I thought the lecturer was a funny man! Imagine! Teacher, you can do more!

I strongly believe in the power of comedy in our educational system and everyone should share this post so that we can start this movement together!

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