Work and Passion. Scam or Scum?

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I was once seated in an entrepreneurial gathering when a girl got up and asked if it is wrong to only go into business for money. She said she has no passion for what she does and is only doing it to make some money. Is that wrong?

The answer was No. I most definitely would have scattered the entire gathering if it wasn’t.

 I am presently working on a business I have very little passion for, but I am doing it so I can learn about the practical intricacies of business and also make some extra money to afford traveling.

However, there is an indisputable fact that it will always be different for those of us in this category. People who see work as a means to an end.

There is something about doing work for an absolute love of it that can’t be found when using work as a means to an end.

Why is she successful?

I am a big fan of Taylor – not a crazy fan – just a fan (gotta keep my reputation here) and more so a bigger fan of her journey towards success.

She has been able to achieve what very few have been able to achieve in the music industry all starting out from a young age, in a bedroom, with a guitar, writing lyrics about boys.

I think Taylor is a pure definition of what it means to do creative work, to enjoy it, to keep doing it and never wear out on enjoying it.

Here is why I think Taylor Swift would always be successful?

Because she is immersed in her creative process. It is evident from all she creates that she enjoys the work itself. She savors the opportunity to be able to think up stuff, have ideas and go ahead and implement them.

The work isn’t a means to an end for her, the work itself is the end and that is evident in the type of content she puts out. She is right there at the end and she is enjoying it.

She directs some of her music videos, still plays an active role in writing all of her music and still creates unforgettable memories on her tours which are always a high-grossing one.

I believe being totally immersed in what you are doing would always set your work apart.

I guess that is where the whole passion talk comes in. If you totally adore what you are privileged to do, you will be immersed in it and what more would be different between you and any other person who just needs a side hustle?

1. You will keep going

When you get hit with challenges, your first thought would not be to quit or shut the business down. No, it would be to keep doing and find creative ways to solve your challenges.

2. You will keep innovating

You will have a desire to keep reinventing the wheel and finding new ways to grow and develop your business and that is going to take you farther than you thought possible.

However, this is not to say that the minions like us who see an opportunity and decide to harvest it don’t succeed, we must definitely do. It just takes a little bit more effort, some extra commitment and a great deal of discipline.

This might be where you are at.

Now here are some thoughts you might find relatable and you are probably wondering about;

1. I know for certain that you can absolutely love what you do and still struggle with getting it done sometimes. Well, the truth is, no matter how much people tell you otherwise, Passion isn’t all IT.

There is still more in terms of discipline, hard work, and consistency. But passion sure as hell will give you an edge.

2. When you find yourself caught in the struggle between finding the passion to do what you love to do and actually creating something. It helps to take a break and say some gratitude prayers for being privileged to do what you do. Keep saying it.

It feels good being aware of that privilege and I strongly believe it provides an alternative perspective to your work

3. Also, when it occurs, that you are unsure if you know for certain what you love to do, you can just simply immerse yourself in doing great work.

I am presently trying out a new career area and I sometimes do not know if it is what I love to do but it gets easier and fun when I choose to focus on doing great work and just immerse myself in that.

4. The last point is about starting; sometimes the biggest struggle is starting your work and finding it burdensome or like a chore. In those moments, you are most definitely not finding it interesting at all. Well, don’t give in.

I think you should keep at it, slowly but surely and in no time you will get immersed. That is what happened when I started writing this article.

Thank you for walking through my thoughts on this. Feel free to make a comment shading the crap out of me for having the audacity to put more words on the over-crowded internet space. Or share it with a friend.

Author: Tolu

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1 thought on “Work and Passion. Scam or Scum?

  1. Another lovely piece.

    Made me remember that book by Cal Newport – So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion in the Quest for Work You Love; where he revealed that some ventures might start for profit and we can grow to love them as we get good at them.

    A classic example is Steve Job’s Apple. It started as a hustle – another way to make extra bucks for Steve but he got good at it, fell in love with it and birthed one of the most valuable companies in earth’s history.

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