Why are you even following the world’s timelines

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There should be a book purely focused on all the reasons why we shouldn’t listen to the world, a book that someone probably hasn’t written yet. I was thinking to myself this morning about how much worldly timelines suck!

This is the perfect time to get into school!

This is the perfect time to get married!

This is the perfect time to start a business!

This is the perfect time to have kids!

So everybody rushes into all of it to try to fill in the blanks they think are missing.

It seems like the world is saying, once you have missed all of those deadlines and timelines, your life is in disarray because you are not following the perfect order nature has for you. For all of us.

But what if, nature has different perfect orders for different individuals? What if, everyone is not meant to operate by the same timeline or deadlines?

What if someone is meant to start a business at 15 years of age and another person at 50 years of age, after retirement! What if someone is meant to get married at 18 and another at 35 years of age?

What if there are different times and seasons for different individuals? I mean, after all, we are all different. Can timing ever be the same for individuals with different backgrounds and experiences in life?

Why you should stop following worldly timelines
Even different parts of the world have different times and seasons!

Think about it, people!

What if either as eighteen years old or a thirty-five years old newly married woman a good marriage is still destined for both, with timing affecting very little.

I was thinking to myself today, be careful of the timelines and deadlines you place on yourself Tolu! They will only cause you to rush and push, be burdened and restless.

They will cause you to lose focus on your present moments and all that is working out for you right now. Simply because you will be so concerned and focused on what the world’s idea of “working out” is.

And that would truly make you miss out on a lot, miss out on your own time Tolu!

I guess that is what I am trying to tell you too.

It is okay to be where you are right now without being concerned about where everybody else wants you to be. Click To Tweet

Don’t rush it. Just stay. Enjoy it. Enjoy it in steps.

And if you think by focusing too much on worldly timelines you have missed a few natural timelines of your own. Or you have rushed into something you can’t get out of. You have to trust. God directs the steps of his righteous one, rest and believe. You will not go wrong with him.

I think the summary of the point I made to myself by writing this is that,

We shouldn’t rush it. We should trust it.

Trust the timelines. Trust the moments. Trust the word.

No matter how much people preach otherwise.

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